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Case Study 9: European Cellphone manufacturer

Posted: 2007-04-01 4:44 pm by Denphone Admin.

Denphone implemented a 150 phone managed VoIP PBX solution in Tokyo Objective:

To roll-out a 150 phone managed VoIP PBX solution in Tokyo.
+ INS1500 PRI connection to the Japan PSTN
+ IP connection to a second office in Tokyo


Denphone worked with the Asia project team, comprising both internal staff and external vendors, to install a redundant Asterisk based PBX system (with third party GUI) in the firm's Tokyo office. Connections were made to the PSTN via a third party INS1500 gateway.



Tel: +81-3-4550-1405 (Tokyo)

Tel: +81-6-4560-3200 (Osaka)

Fax: +81-3-6234-9666

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