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Bilingual Remote Hands Support (English-Japanese)

IT infrastructure management is becoming increasingly international, and demand for English-speaking remote hands in Japan is high. Despite this there are currently very few bilingual field engineers in Japan, and even fewer companies which offer a good bilingual remote hands service.

Of the companies which do offer a bilingual service, some are data center operators who only perform work inside their own facilities, There are other location neutral vendors but are often limited in the type of work they can perform. Many require a very long sales process to agree on the scope of work, logistics, scheduling and pricing, and often the resulting pricing is very high.

Denphone's bilingual remote hand services is broad in scope, easy to arrange and reasonably priced.

We are flexible in terms of which hardware and software you would like us to work on, and the type of work you wish for us to perform. We are also flexible in terms of the location, and will even perform work overseas if it makes financial and practical sense. We do not charge extra for bilingual support, and all of our staff are bilingual, including sales, engineering, support and accounting.

Whether you are a high frequency trading company looking for ongoing support for your JPX colo infrastructure, or a foreign capital company with limited engineering resources at your Japan office to complete a one-off project, we can help you achieve your IT goals on time, every time.

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