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Electronic Fax

Traditional office fax machines are expensive, bulky and can consume a lot of time and effort to run and maintain.

Denphone offers an easy-to-use electronic fax service which integrates with your company email service.

  • You'll no longer have to go to the office every day just to check the fax in-tray.
  • You'll no longer need to buy and maintain an expensive fax machine or feed it paper.
  • You'll no longer waste so much paper and toner on junk faxes.
  • You'll always have a digital copy of the faxes you send and receive in your email box.
  • You'll reduce the likelihood of losing important faxes by accident or by internal theft.
This is a photo of an electronic fax.

To send a PDF document by fax, simply attach it to an email, type the fax number in the email title, and send it to the email address that your company allocates to our fax service. Any inbound faxes will be sent in PDF format to the email accounts in your company which are registered to receive the faxes.

This is a photo of a lady in front of a large fax machine scratching her head.


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