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Denphone Cloud IP-PBX

We offer an industry leading cutting edge IP-PBX service of outstanding functionality, reliability, scalability and systems compatibility, all at a reasonable cost.

Our Cloud IP-PBX is a hosted and fully redundant system, where the PBX resides across Denphone's 6 data centers in Japan and 2 data centers overseas.

Not only does this free up space in your office building machine room, but it also increases the availability, reliability, scalability of your PBX system, and helps you reduce costs. Whether you are a SOHO or a large enterprise (our largest single deployment is over 1,500 phones), we can help you provide a better service to your users while keeping within your IT budget.

We deliver this service to your office building over our Denphone Hikari network. This network is based on NTT East and West’s IPv6 network, provides nationwide coverage, and allows us to assign fixed line 0ABJ numbers (eg: Tokyo 03, Osaka 06, Yokohama 045, Nagoya 052) in full compliance with Japanese telecom regulations. To maximize both security and performance, all SIP sessions are encrypted by VPN and do not traverse the public internet.

For desk phones, we can supply these on a rental or outright purchase basis. Alternatively, we can connect customer-owned SIP phones. Our flexibility regarding hardware used can help you keep your costs down and improve ROI on your existing IT assets. In addition, we also supply softphone connectivity, which can be used on your PC or smartphone.


This is an image of a cloud VoIP system.

Denphone Onsite IP-PBX

For large and complex organizations, it is not always possible or desirable to migrate to the cloud. Sometimes it is necessary to have an onsite PBX from a systems or carrier diversity point of view. So to address such circumstances, we also offer an onsite version of our IP-PBX. Our onsite IP-PBX can be constructed using a wide range of hardware in a variety of configurations.

Hardware choices may vary based on several factors including:-

  • Number of phones to be connected.
  • Level of redundancy required.
  • Budgetary considerations.

Depending on these factors, Denphone can design a setup which best meets your company-specific needs.

For PSTN connectivity, we are carrier neutral and offer a wide range of options. We can connect you to our own voice service, or to another domestic carrier such as NTT (Analog, Hikari Denwa, INS1500, SIP), Colt Technology Services (VoiceLINE ISDN PRI, SIP).

Aside from the core PBX functionality, our service can also be used as a protocol converter. For example, if you have an older PBX which can only accept PRI circuits, but your preferred carrier NTT will only supply you with a SIP circuit, our service can bridge that gap.

This is a photo of an engineer in front of an office server rack.


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