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IP Desk Phones

The open nature of our Asterisk-based IP-PBX allows compatibility with IP desk phones from a wide range of manufacturers. By using standard SIP protocol, we liberate our customers from vendor lock-in problems, such as the expensive forced upgrades which many PBX vendors impose on their customers.

All of our phones are available on a rental or outright purchase basis. We can also support SIP compatible phones you already own, allowing you to upgrade only when it makes business and financial sense for you to do so.

Poly (formerly Polycom)

Poly offers a wide range of high quality desk phones which deliver outstanding performance and value for money.

Their latest CCX range of products, for which Microsoft Teams and Zoom certified models are available, are a popular choice for companies which use these videoconferencing services intensively for business communications. The touch screen displays are multilingual, making them suitable for users who require Japanese or English language support.

This is a photo of Poly CCX series desk phones.


We offer a wide range of Cisco phones for those who prefer this popular and trusted brand.

For those who already own Cisco desk phones that are configured to run only on Call Manager, in most cases it is possible to migrate those phones to Denphone's IP-PBX by upgrading the firmware, although there is usually a cost for doing so. We are happy to advise you on these upgrades so please contact us for more information.

This is a photo of Cisco 8800 series desk phones

Other IP Desk Phones

Our IP-PBX is compatible with all IP desk phones which operate on standard SIP protocol. We have experience connecting to a large number of manufacturers such as Yealink, Grandstream, Nakayo.


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