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As technology advances and business practices evolve, traditional desk phones are being replaced with more mobile communication devices such as PC laptops and smartphones. We offer both inhouse softphone applications as well as applications from popular third party vendors.


Denphone DenCall

Our inhouse softphone app DenCall is available on PC (Windows, Mac) and smartphone (iPhone, Android).

DenCall can be used just like any company desk phone to make and receive internal and external calls. Calls to internal numbers are free of charge, and the app includes free texting to internal numbers. And because they are connected to our IP-PBX service, you can take advantage of all the PBX functionality that we have to offer, including IVR, voicemail and advanced call routing.

Furthermore, we can expand functionality on these softphones to provide you with customized solutions, such as integration with your internal systems, or automated incident reporting and disaster recovery systems. If you are looking to develop a unique solution that is unavailable off the shelf, please contact us for a free no-obligation consulting and assessment session.


This is a photo of DenCall PC and smartphone versions.

Microsoft Teams Business Voice (Direct Routing)

Your Microsoft Teams account can be upgraded to enable softphone capabilities by subscribing to the Microsoft Business Voice service. This is a useful upgrade in it's own right, as it allows you to add voice-only participants to your Teams videoconferences, as well as make voice-only one-to-one phone calls just like any other softphone. But the standard service only allocates an IP phone (i.e. 050) number to you.

We offer a Direct Routing service for Microsoft Teams Business Voice. This means you can use Microsoft Teams to make and receive phone calls with your Denphone supplied fixed line 0ABJ phone number (e.g. 03 for Tokyo) and toll free numbers (i.e. 0120 and 0800 numbers).

Our Direct Routing service offers outbound calls at competitive rates while retaining high sound quality and reliability of your calls. It can be used on your PC and smartphone, as well as a new generation of Teams Certified desk phones released by major telephone hardware vendors such as Poly.


This is a photo of Teams Direct Routing PC and smartphone versions.

Other Softphones

Depending on your company needs, Denphone can integrate other third party softphones into our IP-PBX. This includes hardware vendor softphone solutions such as Poly and Cisco, as well as open source software solutions such as Ekiga and X-Lite. If you wish to connect any softphones from other vendors, please let us know so we can test these for you.


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