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Coworking Space Operator Solutions

Competition among coworking space operators is fierce like never before, and as an operator, you need a strong competitive edge to survive and thrive in this market.

Even before COVID-19, coworking spaces were booming in Japan. According to a report by Japan's Institute of Metropolitan Policy, in 2015 there were only 300 such offices across the whole country. By 2019, that increased to 799 offices. And as of September 2021, we believe that there are over 1,800 such offices in Japan.

With so much competition, the quality of the telecommunication services you provide to your tenants could be the difference between closing the deal or losing business to your rivals. Denphone can provide you with key differentiators to help you attract more tenants and increase your occupancy rates.

Tenants appreciate operators who can offer:-

  • Fixed line 0ABJ phone numbers (e.g. 03 for Tokyo), especially for main telephone and fax numbers.
  • Virtual phone attendant services for taking and handling inbound calls to the tenants.
  • Dedicated electronic fax number services, rather than a paper-based shared fax number service.
  • High quality headsets, to enable clear business communications in a noisy shared environment.


This is a photo of a coworking space.

Denphone Fixed Line 0ABJ Phone Numbers

Startup companies often struggle to convince their potential customers, suppliers and investors of the trustworthiness of their businesses, so anything which will lend them this credibility can help them succeed. A stylish and well equipped coworking space at a prestigious address is a great start. But without 0ABJ numbers for their main telephone and fax numbers, they are likely to be treated with suspicion.

In Japan, fixed line 0ABJ numbers have been symbols of business legitimacy, integrity and solvency for many decades. They are geographically bound and assigned to users by Japanese telecommunications companies in full compliance with Japanese laws and regulations. Traditionally, having a 0ABJ phone number has been a prerequisite for any company wishing to obtain a loan from a Japanese bank, or even just to open a Japanese corporate bank account. Any 0ABJ phone number which is associated with criminal activity is quickly deactivated at the request of the Japanese police authorities. If you don't have a 0ABJ number on your business card, people can and often do assume the worst.

Denphone can supply your coworking space tenants with 0ABJ phone numbers in all the major Japanese cities including Tokyo (03), Yokohama (045), Osaka (06), Nagoya (052), Fukuoka (092) and Sapporo (011) at highly competitive rates. While we don't offer you the option to cherry-pick individual phone numbers, if you order a block of 10 numbers, we can provide you with a consecutive range ending with numbers 0 to 9, for a block of 100 a consecutive range ending with numbers 00 to 99, and so on, subject to prior request and availability.


Denphone Phone Attendant System

Having someone in the office always available to pick up inbound phone calls to a company's main phone number generates confidence in that business. It indicates that the company has sufficient resources, even if that person's role is only to transfer a call or to take a message. Conversely, the lack of such a person could lead to a bad impression, and even concerns about the financial health of that company.

Startups often don't have the resources to perform this otherwise simple task. So any coworking space operator who can supply this service to their tenants at a reasonable price is much more likely to win their business. It's also an area where each coworking space operator can differentiate their own service, for example, by providing bilingual support, taking down detailed messages by hand rather than forwarding the call to a voice recorder, or even just answering the call immediately in a cheerful, enthusiastic yet professional manner.

Denphone offers an easy-to-use browser-based application, which allows the phone attendant to take and transfer calls on behalf of your tenants efficiently and accurately. Upon receiving a call, the phone attendant can instantly see which tenant the call is for, and the names and extension numbers of all of the employees of that company. For each company, special notes and instructions on how calls should be handled can be inputted and viewed in the application, allowing the phone attendant to provide a more tailored and refined service. Transferring a call can be performed by a single drag-and-drop movement of the mouse.

Most callers appreciate a human first response, but in some cases, such as where bilingual support is required, some additional integration with IVR can be very useful. We offer such customization services too. Let us know what best fits your business and we will propose our best solutions to you.


This is a photo of a call center with Japanese phone attendants.

Denphone Electronic Fax

When it comes to fax services, some coworking space operators offer one shared fax number for all their tenant customers. They check the in-box of their shared paper-based fax machine at regular time intervals for any inbound faxes, and then deliver the paper faxes to the relevant tenants by hand.

This is a terrible way to handle your tenants' faxes, from both a business confidentiality and efficiency point of view.

Our electronic fax service can allow your tenants to have their own individual fax numbers from their own 0ABJ number block. Inbound faxes are delivered straight to their own corporate email accounts, in the safe knowledge that they won't be seen, lost or stolen by the coworking space staff, or anyone else who is not authorized to see it. It will also save your tenants a trip to the office if it's only to send or receive a fax.

This is a photo of the Denphone Electronic Fax service.

Business Grade Headsets

Coworking spaces can get extremely noisy, especially with so many tenants wanting to conduct Teams and Zoom meetings throughout the day.

Some offices have dedicated soundproof booths for such calls, but it's hard for any coworking space operator to adequately provision enough units to cope with peak usage times. These booths are very expensive and space consuming, so much so that they may be impossible to implement at all, given your budget and space constraints.

One great alternative is to lend or sell high quality headsets to your tenants. Modern business grade headsets are equipped with excellent noise cancelling technologies and can vastly improve communications even in very noisy environments.

We are certified experts in this field and can advise you on and provide you with the best models available from Poly, Jabra and other leading manufacturers.

This is a photo of a lady using a headset in a coworking office.


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