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Remote Office, Work From Home (WFH) Solutions

While it is evident that COVID-19 has had an enormous impact on the global business landscape, it is insightful to observe how it has specifically impacted Japan.

A survey conducted by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism (MLIT) revealed that at the height of panic in Apr-May 2020, teleworking in the Tokyo metropolitan area reached 31.4%. Of those teleworkers, 90% were working from their home, 64.3% were satisfied with the overall experience, and 81.5% wished to continue to telework in the future.

The same study also revealed that the two largest issues faced by those who WFH were the worsening of working conditions (46.7%) due to longer working hours, and the worsening of working environment (35.2%) due to the difficulty of securing adequate working space.

We cannot shorten your working hours or expand your apartment space, but we do have some solutions which can help you make the best out of your current situation.

This is a photo of a man working from home.

Business Grade Headsets

Perhaps the biggest immediate problem about working from home is background noise, especially if you have a spouse or noisy children present during working hours. We can supply you with headsets equipped with the latest noise reduction technologies so that you can hear calls better, and also be heard better when you are the one talking.

Headsets are portable, so if your apartment is too small or noisy to work in even with the use of them, they can be carried to another location, such as a local cafe or coworking space. This gives you more options for places you can work.

In the longer run, overworking can be damaging to your ears if you overuse your headset. We therefore offer headsets with the ability to track your usage and warn both you and your employers when you are at risk. This may also serve as a reminder of the hours you've spent working overall, thus warn you keep those hours, and your stress levels, under control.

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Denphone Electronic Fax

One reason you may be forced to visit the office is to send and receive faxes. The average commute time for an office worker in Tokyo is 2 hours per return journey. And large part of this time is spent standing up inside a crowded train, which can be both tiring and dangerous, as you risk coronavirus infection.

Our electronic fax service can help you eliminate the need for this commute by letting you send and receive faxes through your corporate email account. Inbound faxes are sent to your email account in PDF format. For outbound faxes, simply send a PDF document to a special email address set up for faxes, inputting the fax number in the title of the email.

While you may still require access to other office equipment such as a photocopier and scanner, these are usually available at your local convenience store 24/365.

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