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Conference Phones

Now that PC-based videoconferencing has become the norm, it may be difficult to remember the last time you used a conference phone.

In the pre-COVID days, most business teleconferences and videoconferences were conducted using these spider-shaped phones. The quality of the hardware, from the speakers and microphones used, to the noise cancelling technologies hardwired into them, were and still are outstanding compared to what is typically used inside a laptop PC.

Over the last couple of years, conference phone manufacturers have introduced new models which can run Teams and Zoom on them. These conference phones significantly improve the performance of your videoconferences because of the quality of the hardware, but also because they lighten the computing resources used by your PC.

Denphone can advise you on and supply you with the best conference phones to suit your needs and IT budget.


This is a photo of a lady setting up a conference phone.
This is a photo of the Poly Trio C60 conference phone.


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