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Denphone Teleconference Bridge

Today, a traditional voice-only teleconference bridge may seem obsolete, given that Teams, Zoom and other videoconferencing platforms have been taking over it's role since the COVID-19 outbreak. Nonetheless, this service is available through Denphone for those who wish to use it.

There are several advantages of a teleconference bridge compared to a videoconferencing platform:-

  • It does not rely on the internet to work.
  • Neither a PC or a smartphone is required to operate it.
  • It is easy for anyone to use requiring minimal training.
  • It's fast to set up, fast to access, fast to use.

In the event of a large scale internet outage, or an outage of your main videoconferencing platform, a teleconference bridge may suddenly become the only option available to you for conducting a multiparty crisis meeting. Such outages have certainly happened in the past and are likely to happen in the future, so it would be prudent to have a few numbers on hand as part of your BCP.

Denphone also offers customization of the service so that the teleconference bridge automatically and simultaneously calls out to a predefined list of participants, rather than just wait for incoming calls. This can be useful if an emergency or ad-hoc meeting needs to be arranged. Participants are much more likely to pick up a phone call than check and respond to a last-minute Teams invite. And while it is possible for a Teams Business Voice subscriber to make outbound phone calls from Teams, those calls can only be made one by one, wasting precious time.


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