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Denphone has launched a new Microsoft 365 Teams Business Voice DirecThis is a photo of Teams PC and smartphone app.t Routing Service, which allows Denphone customers call out from and receive calls to their Microsoft Teams application using Denphone supplied phone numbers.

While Teams has boosted the productivity of many enterprises and has become a core business application over the last 2 years, there are still many areas in which it can be enhanced for further productivity gains. One such area is integration with corporate voice systems.

By integrating Teams with enterprise voice systems, it is possible, for example, to make an outbound phone call to a company staff in the middle of a Teams meeting, and ask for his immediate feedback on an important business issue. Without integration, you would need to send an invitation by email, call him on the phone, tell him to open the email and click on the link and join the call.

Another example of when it is useful is when there are some participants of a Teams call who don't have good internet connectivity, perhaps due to their location or because of a temporary issue such as poor wi-fi reception.

By using Teams Business Voice Direct Routing, you can use your Denphone supplied fixed-line number for outbound calls on your smartphone. In most cases this will be cheaper than using your mobile phone number, thus saving your company money.

For more information on this and other Teams-related enhancements, please visit our Microsoft Teams Enhancements page.


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