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Denphone  released a new softphone application, DenCall, to meet the growing needs of businesses for mobile communications.

The application allows users to make incoming and outgoing calls from company landline numbers provided by Denphone using a smartphone (iPhone, Android) or laptop computer (Windows, Mac).

This product was born out of the recent Corona disaster and the desire of Denphone customers to be able to access their company phones from home or remote offices.

Although a company's PBX can be set up to automatically forward calls to an employee's cell phone, the use of softphones allows for free forwarding of calls over the Internet, contributing to cost savings.

DenCall also comes standard with voice and text call functions, and text calls are an effective means of assisting internal communication.

For example, if an employee is unavailable to take a call, he or she can use the texting feature to deliver a message like a post-it.

For more information about DenCall, please visit our DenCall page or contact us at


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